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Who We Are

Club Crabtowne is the premier Annapolis ski, sports, and events club, that has been organizing exciting events for our members for over forty years. Founded in 1971 as the "Annapolis Ski Club", we have also been known as the "Crabtowne Ski Club™" and the "Crabtowne Skiers™".

What We Do

Crabtowne year-round events span a wide range of interests. We are 'not just a ski club' we organize a variety of interesting events. Crabtowne has a long history of doing pretty much anything our members think will be fun: past events have included the areas listed above as well as golf, tennis, volleyball, touring as a group in various parts of the world, white water rafting, canoeing, hang gliding, flying sailplanes, hot air ballooning, and attending barnstorming air shows. If you think there is something fun (and reasonably legal) that the club could do, talk to a Board member or a committee chairperson to get the ball rolling. Bring us your ideas... let's start new traditions or reinvigorate old ones.



Past Speakers:

Jean Moreau - Will discuss retirement community planning and development as well as visionary programming for "re-defining the aging experience".

Annapolis Mayor, Gavin Buckley

Jim Ehrig, the Outreach Coordinator for the Annapolis SPCA.

Paul Foer, enjoyed all his childhood summers on the bay based in Shady Side, where he helped develop his family's club into the Salem Avery Museum. A writer, traveler, boat captain, environmental specialist and entrepreneur, Paul now runs tours on his vintage sailboat "Non Sea Quitter" out of Galesville. He has been a guest speaker and trainer in 21 states and Washington, DC.

Susan Rosapepe from Rosapepe Retreats: A trip to Italy can be many things to many people.  Most of us have been there, or we are giving advice to those that haven’t.  How about a new focus on an old tradition – a trip to Italy that not only restores and rejuvenates your health, but immerses you in the “real” Italy that is portrayed in books and movies. Rosapepe Retreats will transport you to the “Old Country” and  Susan Rosapepe from Rosapepe Retreats will tell you how you can do this!

Rosie Cavin, Certified Travel Agent from Best Connections Travel in Annapolis and Jim Sheats, CTC and Director of Sales from AIG (American International Group, a multinational insurance corporation with offices in 80 countries) will enlighten us on all things travel:  why use a travel agent and why to buy travel insurance.  Rosie, who is a Crabtowne member will also answer any questions you may have about the 2018 Crabtowne cruise to Nova Scotia.

Dustin Majewski from Ski Haus will talk about the upcoming ski season equipment.

Susan Schneider from The Samaritan Women, a Christian restoration program for adult female women victims of exploitation and trafficking, providing a safe and supportive environment for academic, vocational, spiritual, and social development.

Susan first volunteered with TSW in 2008, later selling her local corporation and becoming Vocational Programs Coordinator for the organization.  She is committed to building a network of local businesses and organizations which will partner with TSW to provide opportunities for the women to build skills and work experiences.

Lisa Vernon, Anne Arundel County Literacy Council Director -

The Anne Arundel County Literacy Council provides free, convenient, and individualized reading, writing, math, and speaking English instruction for adults and out-of-school youth. It has been awarded the 2012 through 2017 Top-Rated great Nonprofit Awards for its 114 top volunteer reviews. Last year alone, 240 fully-trained Literacy Council volunteers supported 203 tutor/student matches throughout Anne Arundel County.

Bob Stevenson, Education Coordinator, Chesapeake Chapter US Lighthouse Society and also Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse Docent Training Manager.  Bob has worked for 12 years on the restoration process, is Lead Docent on the lighthouse tours and spreads the word about "our light".  Learn about the light's history, the keepers, the restoration and Bob's involvement with our local lighthouse.

Dustin Majewski, the General Manager of the Ski Haus Sports Center will familiarize us with all the Ski Haus has to offer our members, including the 10% discount on anything we purchase that isn’t already on sale.  Just make sure you have your Club Crabtowne Membership Card to get the discount.  If you can’t find your card be sure to take your Membership Directory so you can prove you’re a club member.

Carole Baker, Deputy Director of the Baltimore Museum of Industry.

Rosalie Zaia, the Arundel Lodge

Senator John Astle is a member of the Maryland House of Delegates and currently as a member of the Maryland Senate (since 1994) where he is Vice Chair of the Senate Finance Committee.  In that position, he plays a key role in shaping state policy on energy, healthcare, banking and insurance issues.  He lives in Annapolis with his wife Jayne.

Senator Astle will address the 2016 election returns and other state issues for the upcoming legislative session in January.

JoAnn Mattson, Lighthouse Shelter Development Director, will speak about Lighthouse Shelter Activities.

Sarah Suzanne Olds, a USAID foreign service officer, will speak about USAID in Afghanistan.

Elizabeth Woodruff shared her tour of the Terracotta Army in Xian, China.

Jonathan Alexander of Lincoln Financial Distributors will be speaking about the Long Term Care industry in general and specifically will discusss
Lincoln Money Guard.

Barbara Roza from LA Singles Dance will fill us in on their dance offerings.

Rosie Gavin and Jim Bottoms of Best Connection Travel will discuss travel to Cuba.

Presentation by Fay Mauro, the Executive Director for the Anne Arundel County Volunteer Center.

Annapolis Film Festival

Kathleen C. Terlizzese, the new development director for the Maryland Theatre for the Performing Arts, provided all the details for the fabulous new Annapolis theater.

Alicia Lucksted will discuss the Afghan Women's Fund about recent projects, progress, and goals for the future. She will be selling handcrafts to help raise funds for this worthy project. For further information please click on

Trish Dunn, the local contestant on Survivor, Pearl Island will told us how she got on Survivor and the reality of reality TV. Trish lives in Annapolis with her husband and twins and works as a Realtor with Coldwell Banker.

Gary Jobson filled us in on behind the scenes tactics that led to Oracle Team 2013 USA Americas Cup victory. Gary is fresh off his stint as ESPN commentator for the 2013 Americas Cup which was won in the come-back of the year. In a cat fight of epic proportions, Oracle's Team USA turned around a certain rout by winning 8 races in a row on their high tech mega millions catamaran. Team USA trailed with a score of 8 – 1 and then won every race for a final of 8 to 9.

April Nyman - Executive Director of the Arts Council of Anne Arundel Count discussed the county Arts Council and explain how it supports the county's arts organizations.

Alicia Lucksted, Ph.D - Human Rights / Afghan Women. Afghan Women's Fund

Dr. Raymond Infanti - Chiropractor.

Liz Fletcher Brown - Provided an entertaining, thought-provoking and memorable presentation, through her unique combination of dance, humor and engaging stories. Full Wattage!

Debbie Rosen McKerrow - Chesapeake Estate Services on how to downsize.

Robert O'Conner - Ward Hill Lamon: President Lincoln's Bodyguard. Visit: and for more information.

CDR John Egan USCD - Deepwater Horizon rescue experience. Biography